SHOP.CA Transforms The Marketplace Model with NEW B2B Service

April 1st, 2016 TORONTO, Canada -- (MARKETWIRE) — In an unprecedented move that transforms the marketplace model in Canada, SHOP.CA today announced that it has officially launched SHOP.CA Business-to-Business services. This new service offers exclusive bulk-buying opportunities at SHOP.CA that include spectacular discounts, concierge service and premium loyalty rewards.

Now, any business in Canada looking to buy 10 or more of any item at SHOP.CA will receive a concierge, exclusive pricing potential bonus Aeroplan miles and personal service until the order is delivered. “We have seen savvy business customers taking advantage of our strong selection, pricing and Aeroplan Miles by purchasing bulk orders to support their customer promotions and internal employee incentives,” said Tony Chvala, SHOP.CA CEO. “It became very clear that a significant portion of our base desired access to a seamless way to secure this type of value with personal support from our team.”

The Business-to-business service offers customers interested in larger orders to come to the B2B portal on SHOP.CA, declare what they are looking for and have a top-tier SHOP.CA Concierge build a tailored solution for them. Businesses from across Canada, including car dealerships, small offices and restaurants have been regularly using SHOP.CA’s selection and value for customer and employee incentives alike.

Click here to find out more about the SHOP.CA Business-to-business offering: SHOP.CA B2B

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SHOP.CA will continue to drive revenue and customer growth by focussing on a truly personalized customer experience. “Simply put, we will continue to exceed the expectations of our retail and business customers by acting on the daily feedback we hear from them,” said Mark Daprato EVP and General Manager of SHOP.CA. “SHOP.CA B2B services has the potential to be a double-digit growth engine for our marketplace portfolio and we will continue to add resources to service this important part of Canadian eCommerce,” he added.

As part of their mission to continually to leapfrog typical Canadian ecommerce experiences, SHOP.CA promises to launch more innovative efforts like SHOP.CA B2B. “This new product is part of our goal to not only match the fantastic ecommerce experience available in the US, but to truly differentiate our offering to exceed our coveted Canadian customers’ expectations,” concluded Chvala.

SHOP.CA’s Tony Chvala (CEO) & Mark Daprato (EVP, GM)



SHOP.CA is Canada’s first pure-play marketplace, and one of the country’s largest and fastest growing ecommerce destinations. SHOP.CA first disrupted the Canadian ecommerce landscape in July, 2012 by offering Canadian consumers an easy, compelling and convenient shopping experience that is differentiated by best-in-class customer service, a strong selection of top brands and a loyalty program that has millions of active members.


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