SHOP.CA’s retail community continues to strengthen, offering members a vast selection of products that include free shipping, 365 day returns and rewards of up to 2.5% on every purchase

TORONTO, ON, February 28, 2013 SHOP.CA, Canada's largest online shopping site, announces the addition of many of the world’s best musical brands to its storefront.  From instructional books and starter kits to the highest end professional instruments and audio equipment, SHOP.CA has fast become Canada’s answer for Canadians who want to access a single destination for all of their buying needs.

Providing the very best in musical products is something the SHOP.CA team (many of whom love to play instruments) is passionate about.  “Like art and literature, music is an integral pillar to the growth of our children and culture.  Providing music products with free Shipping and Reward dollars is our small part in contributing the growth of Canada’s culture and something that makes us proud to do,” said Drew Green, ceo and co-founder of SHOP.CA.

Providing billions of dollars of inventory through a single online shopping cart for products shipped in Canada, SHOP.CA is passionate about leveraging that access to provide products that help expand creativity at a school and professional level.  SHOP.CA investment in product expansion both ensures the best product selection, hassle free checkout and Rewards of up to 2.5% on every purchase for members.

Continuing on its mission to provide Canadians with an alternative to the U.S. powered online, big box and retail conglomerates storming into Canada, SHOP.CA continually strives to bring the best products in the world to its storefront.  “Providing the best in musical instruments is another way we deliver the ability for every Canadian to be able to buy online, the products they want, from a Canadian owned and operated company.” says Green.

Below are links to a sampling of the extensive Music products collection SHOP.CA has added to its store:

o   Art and Lutherie

o   Behringer

o   Brain

o   Breedlove

o   Budda

o   CE

o   Carl Martin

o   AcousticD'Addario

o   DR Strings

o   Dava

o   Dean

o   Dean Markley

o   Dimarzio

o   Dixon

o   EMG

o   Epiphone

o   Ernie Ball

o   Eventide

o   Evidence

o   F Bass

o   Farley's

o   Fender

o   Fishman

o   Gibson

o   Gotoh

o   Gretsch Guitars

o   Grip Studios

o   Groove Tubes

o   Hercules

o   Hofner

o   Hohner

o   Ibanez

o   Korg

o   Mahalo

o   Mark Bass

o   Marshall

o   Martin Guitar

o   Musicman

o   Oasis

o   Orange

o   Ovation

o   Paul Reed Smith

o   Peavey

o   Pete Schmidt

o   Pick Stick

o   Pigtronix

o   Ping

o   RockBag

o   RockCable

o   RockCase

o   RockStand

o   Squier

o   Stage Trix

o   Sterling

o   Taylor   

o   Evans

o   Firestix

o   First Note

o   Gibraltar

o   LP                              

o   Ludwig

o   Pearl

o   Premier

o   Pro Beat

o   Promark

o   Regal Tip

o   Remo

o   Reunion Blues

o   Sabian

o   Sonor

o   Tama

o   Vater

o   Vic Firth

o   Westbury

o   Yamaha

o   Zildjian



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